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Xils Lab Xils Vocoder 5000-V-1.0.4 Free Download

Xils Lab Xils Vocoder Overview

Xils Lab Xils Vocoder 5000 simple vocal synth an even simpler string synth and a basic vocoder the Roland Vp330 Vocoder Plus has to be one of the most unexpected success stories in the history of electronic musical instruments.I suspect that it left a far greater mark on our industry than even its designers might have hoped so its perhaps surprising that we have had to wait until 2013 for a fully fledged emulation to appear from an established manufacturer.But now the Xils Lab V+ has arrived and this promises to retain all of the character of the original while extending its facilities far beyond what was practical in virtual vocoder plug in based around the Ems 5000 hardware unit.A Vocoder is a synthesizer which accepts an external sound source such as vocals musical instruments or other prerecorded signals and processes.It into a large variety of sounds the vocoder effect is achieved using two signals that are combined into a single output. 

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Xils Lab Xils Vocoder 5000 first signal is called the modulator the second the carrier Typically vocals are used as the modulator but drums percussive material or any other musical signal can be input.A synthesizer is used as the carrier signal is split into several frequency bands using a band pass filters bank and the same bank is used to split the carrier signal.The levels detected in the modulators spectrum are then applied to the carrier spectrum, resulting in what is most commonly known as the robotic voice.The making inroads into the sales of established instruments such as the Solina But the Strings section in the VP330 was not what you would call advanced or flexible with just a single 4 voice a basic tone control and a monophonic Attack stage that created the sucking sound that you obtain from all paraphonic synths.It should have been ghastly but it wasnot.If you worked within its limitations,the soft synth and found that the two could be made to sound very similar they are not identical but the differences are small enough for me to be confident that the two would be interchangeable in a mix.

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Xils Lab Xils Vocoder Features

Xils Lab Xils Vocoder 5000 the Waveform slider in the Mixer Arp panel allows you to change the underlying timbre of its sound from something vaguely sawtooth ish to something vaguely square ish while the Filter slider dramatically alters its timbre.Next to this lies the Ensemble slider which allows you to control the depth of the ensemble effect but perhaps of greatest benefit are the Attack and Release tabs that help to overcome the shortcomings of the originals envelopes.The results are still constrained by the weird architecture of applying the envelopes to the outputs from the top octave divide-down oscillators rather than to each note individually the Vp330s Strings section was totally outshone by its Human Voice section which will forever be associated with the soundtracks from Chariots Of Fire and Blade Runner.Untreated the underlying waveform and formantfilters produced just two ahh sounds but with the ensemble effect engaged the result oozed character.When I saw Tony Banks of Genesis replace his Mellotron with a Vp330 on the Duke tour in 1980 These allow you to adjust the contribution of the 8 and 4 registers the frequency and intensity of the vocal formant and the depth of the ensemble effect.Whats more a Poly Attack tab and the Release tab which is shared with the Strings again allow the notes to speak correctly.

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Xils Lab Xils Vocoder Technical Details
Software Name :-  Xils Lab Xils Vocoder 
File Size :-  14.87MB
Setup Type :- Offline Installer 
Software Version :- V-1.0.4
Website :-  www.xils-lab.com

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Xils Lab Xils Vocoder System Requirements 
Operating System :- Windows Xp/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
System Memory :-  1 GB RAM
Hard Disk :-  50 MB
Processor :- 2 GHz processor

Xils Lab Xils Vocoder Free Download
Click below button start Xils Lab Xils Vocoder Free Download.This is offline installer and standalone setup for Xils Lab Xils Vocoder.This would be working perfectly fine with compatible version of Windows.



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