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WinScp-V-5.15.4 Free Download – All Pc World

WinScp Overview

WinScp is unfortunately not as well known as certain rivals like FileZilla or paid Ftp clients like that from Globalscape CuteFtp.Actually my first impression of WinScp was that it is highly advanced and well done simply for the fact that unlike every other Ftp client.I have tried, WinScp lists hidden folders on a Unix system prefixed with a period by default.WinScp is its support for security and encryption With many of todays popular clients still defaulting to non secured connections this client actually defaults to secure connections over Sftp.Whether you are using an open WiFi network or you are in a country which monitors what you are doing online security these days is a must.It goes without saying that you can have multiple sessions open as with almost all top-rated Ftp Sftp clients.

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WinScp we noticed immediately that the connect screen looks a lot like our favourite Ssh Telnet client Putty and WinScp can also launch Putty from the command menu. That definitely is not a black mark against this client because in seriousness a bloated layout with colourful flashy icons is not what professionals are interested in seeing.Another interesting note is the option to switch between a Windows Explorer like interface and the default Commander interface.WinScp must use other means to implement the additional functionality like directory listing.WinScp uses Unix like shell commands to do that.This in turn means that when using the Scp protocol it can connect to servers that run Unix-like or its emulation only.The open source free Sftp client and Ftp client for Windows.Legacy Scp protocol is also supported its main function is safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer.

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WinScp Features

WinScp is simple has low memory usage is a minimal install it is stable intuitive and customizable Simple but powerful WinScp is not bloated with unnecessary extras and does the job of transferring files wonderfully.The Ftp client that manages your Ssh transfers between your local computer and a remote server by using secure connections and Scp Secure Copy Protocol or Sftp Secure File Transfer Protocol.All this is done through an interface which is integrated with Windows Explorer so you can drag and drop files to make transfers.Graphical user interface Translated into several languages Integration with Windows drag and drop url shortcut icons u3 support all common operations with files.Support for Sftp and Scp protocols over Ssh1 and Ssh2 and plain old Ftp protocol Batch file scripting and command line interface Directory synchronization in several semi or fully automatic ways.

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WinScp Technical Details
Software Name :- WinScp
File Size :- 9.29MB
Setup Type :- Offline Installer 
Software Version :- V-5.15.4
Website :- 

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WinScp System Requirements 
Operating System :- Windows Xp/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

WinScp Free Download 
Click below button start WinScp Free Download.This is offline installer and standalone setup for WinScp.This would be working perfectly fine with compatible version of Windows.



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