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Process Lasso Pro-V-9.0.0 Free Download

Process Lasso Pro Overview

Process Lasso Pro unique new technology intended to automatically restrain running processes that are consuming too many cpu cycles.Often times processes that are out of control can bring an nt system to a near halt.Once one or more processes have become cpu resource hogs termination of the offending processes is very difficult since it is nearly impossible to even open the task manager.These processes are temporarily reduced in priority so that the system is returned to a responsive level.Process Lasso can even work when multiple processes are responsible for a decrease in system responsiveness.In addition Process Lasso offers capabilities such as default process priorities termination of disallowed processes and logging of processes executed.Process Lasso is extremely efficient and itself has almost no cpu usage the core engine called the Process Governor is separated from the gui so that one can completely close the gui and keep the primary functions of Process Lasso operating. 

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Process Lasso Pro allows programs to monopolize your cpu leading to hangs micro lags freezing even crashing and delays in your keystroke and or mouse actions.Process Lasso is not yet another task manager instead it is an advanced process priority optimization and system automation utility for Windows pc.It offers process priority optimization cpu core affinity optimization power plan automation automated rules and so much more the unique process optimization technology called ProBalance Process Balance that will improve your pcs responsiveness and stability by making intelligent dynamic adjustments to the priority class and or cpu affinity of problematic background processes.ProBalance will intelligently adjust process priorities and cpu affinities to positively impact the responsiveness of any Windows pc.Process Lasso also allows you to terminate or restart processes that consume too many resources or to restart them if they crash terminate or are closed Process Lassos energy saver option allows you to extend your laptops battery life. 

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Process Lasso Pro Features

Process Lasso Pro application comes with various Power Profiles selecting a different power profile each time certain processes are running.Unique process optimization technology safely and effectively improves pc responsiveness Max performance when active but conserve energy when.The pc is idle.Automate and control process priorities cpu affinities power plans and more Activate the Bitsum Highest Performance power plan for max performance.Localized to English German French Polish Finnish Italian Ptbr Russian Japanese Chinese Ensures optimal performance at all times for real time applications.Native 64bit code for maximum performance on Workstations and Servers Supports Windows xp to Windows 10 and all Server Variants Server Edition only.We are not a fan of Ram optimization so created a Safe and Conservative algorithm for those who do need such ProBalance dynamic priority optimizationWorks great for desktops laptops and netbooks Persistent sticky priorities and cpu affinities Instance count limits Disallowed processes Keep processes running.The auto restart Unique system responsiveness graph Prevent pc sleep for designated processes Differentiate between svchost instances Extremely low resource use Stand alone process management engine uses as little Event logging.

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Process Lasso Pro Technical Details
Software Name :- Process Lasso Pro
File Size :-  2.75MB
Setup Type :- Offline Installer 
Software Version :- V-9.0.0
Website :-  www.bitsum.com

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Process Lasso Pro System Requirements 
Operating System :- Windows Xp/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Process Lasso Pro Free Download
Click below button start Process Lasso Pro Free Download.This is offline installer and standalone setup for Process Lasso Pro.This would be working perfectly fine with compatible version of Windows.



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