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Download Comodo Unite-V-3.0-X64.(16.97 MB) – All Pc World

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DESCRIPTION:-Comodo Unite is easy Once you create an account and a password, you can join or create a local network with individual ip addresses with additional Comodo Unite offers 128bit encryption.

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Perfect for exchanging sensitive data or working on team projects Comodo Unite on each pc instead and after creating your free account the service will combine them into your very own virtual private network.And that means you can easily access one pc from another just as though it was on a local network even if you are behind a restrictive work firewall that wont let you reach it in any other way.

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You can share files folders perhaps access that high resolution printer at work share digital photos or movies with friends and family for example.And it may be worth installing Unite simply to use its integrated secure messaging service you are able to benefit from a lot of features such as being able to create an unlimited number of networks through which you can communicate with family and friends and due to the nature.

SOFTWARE NAME :-  Comodo Unite
SOFTWARE LICENSE :- Freeware(Safe & Secure)
WEBSITE :-  www.comodoca.com
REQUIRE OPERATING SYSTEM :- Window (XP/7/8.1/10/10.1 etc.)





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