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Download Android Sdk-v-24.3.4.Win.(142.04MB) – All Pc World

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DESCRIPTION:-Android Sdk software developers the opportunity to tinker with the platform and create new and interesting work The kit contains everything you need to start building apps.The Android Sdk also comes with an emulated virtual device that is fully functional choice of phone skins and resolutions to play around with too.

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The downside is that if you want to install software on the emulator it is not easy for novice users.There is however lots of documentation online to assist in using Apk Analyzer in Android Studio and can be integrated into build ci servers and scripts for tracking size regressions generating reports and so on.Guard rules files under tools proguard are no longer used by the Android Plugin for Gradle.

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Android platform and are typically updated only when a new platform becomes available These tools are always backward compatible with older platforms but you must be sure that you have the latest version of these tools Android emulator requires a system image to operate.You should always test your app on the latest version of Android and using the emulator with the latest system.

SOFTWARE NAME :- Android Sdk
SOFTWARE LICENSE :- Freeware(Safe & Secure)
WEBSITE :-  www.google.com
REQUIRE OPERATING SYSTEM :- Window (XP/7/8.1/10/10.1 etc.)




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