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Actual Window Manager-V-8.14 Free Download

Actual Window Manager Overview

Actual Window Manager advanced utility tool that interacts with the Windows operating systems shell to bring the extended manipulation functionality to every window in the system.Actual Window Manager keeps track of all the configuration changes you make to each individual window and applies the changes automatically on the fly.You to roll up unroll windows hide them to.The Windows notification area system tray keep them always on top of others make them semi transparent and many other advanced window actions available both in.The automatic way upon startup activation deactivation minimization etc and in the manual way via extra buttons added to each windows title bar or via extra options added to each windows system window menu.All of them and add a unique taskbar in each one create mirrors on the desktop manage screensavers and backgrounds and move windows to different monitors with the press of a button. 

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Actual Window Manager Anyone can install the program regardless of previous experience the installer will guide you through the process and you only have to make a few settings.These include allowing the program to run at startup and support system utilities (like Tablet PC Input Panel) and administrative tools.you need to change how windows appear.After making the settings once Awm will automatically apply those settings to every window that opens you can configure several settings like the position and size of specific windows or the transparency effect and you can minimize windows to system tray or keep them always on top of others.You can also control multiple monitors with this program.The application can be launched from the corresponding shortcuts By running it an icon in the system tray will be added from which you can bring up the settings menu by double-clicking it or viewing its context menu by right clicking it.You can create virtual desktops and move open windows to them as if you have more than one physical monitors connected.  

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Actual Window Manager Features

Actual Window Manager fast access to hidden system functions via additional buttons in each windows title bar automation of routine window manipulations Virtual Desktops facility.The special tools for multi monitor systems placing windows exactly to the required place sizing them exactly as they should be keeping the important windows always on-top of others.The minimizing either normally or to the tray/screen or rolling up, or making semi transparent or closing the inactive windows so removing them from your way.The settings window has countless categories and options for each one the main categories are Windows Settings Multiple Monitors Virtual Desktops Desktop Divider Hotkeys Mouse Options and Tools.In the preferences menu you can save the current settings of a window so that you can re apply them easily at a later time without having to change them all again.Position and size of the window are two of the available settings the transparency of every window can be adjusted as well.

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Actual Window Manager Technical Details
Software Name :- Actual Window Manager
File Size :- 10.69MB
Setup Type :- Offline Installer 
Software Version :- V-8.14
Website :- 

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Actual Window Manager System Requirements 
Operating System :- Windows Xp/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Actual Window Manager Free Download 
Click below button start Actual Window Manager Free Download.This is offline installer and standalone setup for Actual Window Manager.This would be working perfectly fine with compatible version of Windows.



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